Billiards master class

You have decided to open a club, make a tournament or make a gift to yourself and your close people?!

"Billiards master class" is the best choice.

"Billiards master class" will help you get game skills, learn more about billards - thus you will feel the spirit of excitement, which made billiards favorite sport for millions of true connoisseurs!

Billiards is an endless self-improvement. Self-control, attentiveness, self-confidence, the will to win - that is what billiards teaches, and that's not all.

Афанасьева Алена Игоревна


Number of participants: 1-2 persons
Number of guests: no more than 2
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Kharkov

What is included:

  • Billiards master class
  • Billiard table rent
  • Sports equipment rent

For questions and suggestions you can contact Alena Afanasieva.

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