Billiards lessons from ICMS Alena Afanasieva

Billiards is a popular and very exciting game, widespread throughout the world. Men and women play billiards, people of all ages and all professions. It is hard to find another game, which would have fully manifested physical and intellectual abilities of man.

If you want to learn to play and improve your skills. You want your kids to learn the proper technique of the game of billiards and make them feel confident near the biliard table in the future? Bring them, come yourself!

Афанасьева Алена Игоревна

Classes are held individually or in a group of 2 persons. The programme includes course of lessons, the duration of each lesson is 1h. 30 min., 2 times a week.

During individual lessons all the time is devoted to the student. When playing billiards the first important statement is the correct technique. And when a trainer works individually - this allows him to notice all the mistakes and promptly correct them.

Individual lessons will allow finding the most efficient program of learning for you, which will allow novice players to learn the basics of billiards in the shortest possible time, for amateurs - to raise the level of skill and understanding of the game, for sportsmen - to identify weaknesses in training, correct them and improve the skills.

Афанасьева Алена Игоревна

The course includes:


  • The purpose of the game.
  • Geometry of billiards.
  • Game rules.
  • Choosing cue (including advices in buying billiard equipment and accessories).

Technical training

  • Correct stand.
  • Setting the correct stroke.

Game practice

  • Learning of game positions.
  • Playing with the trainer.
  • Building self-study plan.

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