Billiard Club from 'A' to 'Z'


The popularity of billiards in our country is increasing year after year. And it is not surprising - a great variety of games variants, gambling, the possibility to relax after work.

You have decided to open a billiards club or create your own billiard room at your home, office and do not know where to start, you have questions about where and how to find a billiard table and accessories for it!?

We will help you create the interior of your personal billiard room or club from scratch, starting from a sketch, ending with installation of necessary equipment.

Opening a billiard club, you must pay attention to every detail. From the billiard table installation to interior of billiard halls and billiard room furniture. You need to conquer the customer not only with good tables, but with a pleasant atmosphere, which motivates you to come back there again and again.

The world of billiard tables is not easy, and for the beginner it is very easily to get lost. Therefore, when choosing a billiard table you must take into account many factors, and their combination will help you buy a high-quality billiard table and with desired characteristics.

Our knowledge will help you avoid mistakes in the choice. Refer to the professionals, and we will help you turn your dream into reality.

To make your favorite game be comfortable, so nothing distracts you from it, billiards equipment and accessories serve long and reliable, you should always follow the recommendations.

You can order tables and interior elements production for individual orders of any complexity.

The best billiard tables, a huge variety of accessories for billiards, handmade cues, new solutions in the interior designs.

You can buy not only the tables, but also a full interior collection. All items will be kept in the same style. They are carefully chosen, and you will not have to add anything:

  • Interior
  • Billiard tables
  • Billiard balls
  • Cloth
  • Billiard lamps
  • Accounting time systems
  • Furniture
  • Billiard cues
  • Covers for cues
  • Table accessories
  • Players accessories
  • Care Accessories
  • Teaching Materials
  • Game room

I've achieved much in billiards and I'm ready to share the secrets of success with every fan of the game!

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