Billiards lessons from ICMS Alena Afanasieva

Billiards is a popular and very exciting game, widespread throughout the world. Men and women play billiards, people of all ages and all professions. It is hard to find another game, which would have fully manifested physical and intellectual abilities of man.

If you want to learn to play and improve your skills. You want your kids to learn the proper technique of the game of billiards and make them feel confident near the biliard table in the future? Bring them, come yourself!

Billiard Club from 'A' to 'Z'


The popularity of billiards in our country is increasing year after year. And it is not surprising - a great variety of games variants, gambling, the possibility to relax after work.

You have decided to open a billiards club or create your own billiard room at your home, office and do not know where to start, you have questions about where and how to find a billiard table and accessories for it!?

Billiards master class

You have decided to open a club, make a tournament or make a gift to yourself and your close people?!

"Billiards master class" is the best choice.

"Billiards master class" will help you get game skills, learn more about billards - thus you will feel the spirit of excitement, which made billiards favorite sport for millions of true connoisseurs!

Billiards is an endless self-improvement. Self-control, attentiveness, self-confidence, the will to win - that is what billiards teaches, and that's not all.