Афанасьева Алена Игоревна

After two victories in tournaments "Kiev Chestnuts" and "Delmar" cup , two-time European champion Alena Afanasieva gave interview to "Billiard Sports" site.

Alena, it has been almost a year after winning the European Championship and you have not won anything since then Why? - Billiards was pushed to the sidelines due to changes in personal life? If so, is it at the first place again?

After the European Championship it was a small recession, but after we won Team Championship of Ukraine, and I was in the top three at all TV competitions. I would like to note the doubles tournament of champions where Kostya Kulik and I made it through not easy qualifications, showing the best result among the players, and took third place. Now, having finished the studies at the academy, I can devote more time for training.

You have received a diploma of higher education - are you planning to use it in the future, some way to work in this specialty?

Yes, for sure, I have already received several proposals for further work, but not decided yet.

Афанасьева Алена Игоревна

Please tell us more about the Billiard school, which you lead.

I'm working with Billiard school for several years, but now I try to spend more time on personal lessons, as I believe they are more efficient.

You now have a great personal site - who helped you to develop it and why would you need it? Advertising, self-expression or something else?

The site was a gift to me from my husband. It was developed and being updated by young but already successful team of programmers. One of the main tasks set for the site was to provide more precise information to the user about myself, and regularly update it, considering the fact that this is the only personal site among girls who play Russian billiards professionally.

In the final of "Kiev chestnuts" you beat your most principled opponent - Jeanne Shmatchenko, and you could not win playing with her for a long time. In this regard, did this victory have any special significance for you?

Yes, this victory was important for me, despite the fact that the score in the final was 5:2 and that I won this tournament in Kiev for the third time.

Афанасьева Алена Игоревна

Both in Kiev and Berdyansk you lost one match in qualifications to the same opponent (Zaryana Pritulyuk). What was it - tournament strategy, the desire to choose a more convenient tournament grid?

I would like to note that all the strongest Ukrainian girls played in these open tournaments and the level of the game is getting higher and higher every year. Yes, I lost these two games, as they were in the early stages, and I can't say they were the most important ones. Closer to the finale, I played the best I could. In decisive game for the withdrawal to the final in Berdyansk, I proved it with 4:0 score. As a result both tournaments were won.

The witnesses of the semi-final in Berdyansk said that the game shown by you, was close to the ideal for women's billiards. Do you think that when you play at the peak of your capabilities, no one can resist you?

Till now the result speaks for itself!

You are the current European champion. Do you plan to defend this rank this year?

Yes, I want to become a European champion for the thirg time.

Афанасьева Алена Игоревна

Are you interested in the billiard news in the world? If yes - what are your sources?

Yes, I'm interested. The sources I use are - FBSU site and, of course, "Billiards Sports". Thank you, because in my opinion, you are the fastest and most complete information publication in the billiards world!

Has your life changed after marriage, and what role in the new wave of your success does youe husband play?

It has changed and only for the better. My husband and I are together for five years, he is always near and always supports me.

Sincerely Alena Afanasieva

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