Was born on 03.10.1987 in Kharkiv city. Finished school №13 in 2004. The same year entered «Kharkiv national academy of municipal economy» at the Faculty of «Economics and Entreprise». Graduated in 2009. Same year entered Kharkiv Banking Institute of University of Banking of National Bank of Ukraine (Kiev) to the faculty of advanced training and retraining "Banking" for the second higher education.

When did you start to play billiards:

My sporting career began in 1998. Thanks to many hours of every day practicing and successful performances at the competitions in 2001 became a Master of Sports of Ukraine and Master of sports of International class in 2005.

What Ukrainian tournaments you've won and which you remembered the most:

Became an absolute champion of Ukraine in 2007, 2 times won the Cup of Ukraine in 2003 and 2005. All in all from 2001 to 2008 I became the Champion of Ukraine 9 times. Always remembered the first victory, but everything is still ahead, despite the fact that I won more than 30 different tournaments, and I hope that the most memorable yet to come...

Do you have other awards besides tournaments:

In 2003 I won the "Young Person of the Year" competition in Kharkiv, in 2006-2007 was awarded a Scholar of Kharkiv city governer - «Genius», was awarded the medal "For special contribution in the development of Russian billiards" in 2006. Also was awarded the medal for "High athletic achievement" by Minister Yuri Pavlenko.

Do you constantly play in different cities:

Very often a lot of tournaments are held in different cities and countries where the strongest players raise their level of play, but, unfortunately, it's not always possible to see the city because the competition goes all day long, though I always try to find something in each city.

How do you train and whether you train someone:

I have developed my own system of trainings, I spend a few hours each day for training, but now have to spend more time for studying at the academy because have Diploma protection soon. I have regular individual lessons with students, trying to give them my experience, because it is no secret that you need to constantly teach others and train to be in the best form...

What can you wish for the future athlets:

Always try to give the maximum time for training, never give up and you'll get everything.

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