Eben Master Luxe Cue(12+8)

For connoisseurs of billiard and game masters.

Excellent gaming performance and great design.

Cues are made exclusively by «AS» company.

The most expensive model of "Master" class, with a unique thick of cutting blades which is 0,6 mm. This difference gives the cue extra density and improves its game properties.

It has eight dark gashes in the shaft, and twelve on the bar.


  • Eben Master Luxe(12+8)
  • Main material - Eben
  • Length ~ 160 cm, Weight ~ 720gr
  • Sticker diameter - 12,5 mm
  • Tip - caprolon
  • Stranding - brass - stainless steel with a persistent thread
  • Bumper cup with a brass ring and shock absorber


Eben (black tree) - Botanical name - Diospyros Decalh.

Grows in Cameroon, Zanzibar, tropical Africa, India, Bombay, Ceylon, Siam.

Ebony - the generic name of plants of the Ebenaceae family. These are trees or shrubs, mostly with alternate, rarely almost with opposite leaves and axillary inflorescences, sometimes relegated to a single flower. Heartwood sparsely-vascular hardwood with a narrow white sapwood. The core is black, annual rings not visible. The vessels are small, assembled in radial groups of 2-3 together, sometimes filled with heartwood substances in black. The properties close to the boxwood, it is very hard, heavy and dense. Sinks in water.

Ebony - this trade name combines the different breeds, with the black wood. Best known is Ceylonese eben tree (Diospyros ebenum) - Ebony, native to India, Sri Lanka, and African ebony (D. crassiflora), native to Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Zaire. In addition, under the name of green or brown ebony wood in the trade occurs Pecoma leucoxylon, plants of the Bignoniaceae family, growing in the West Indies. This is a tall tree with palmate leaves and pink or white flowers, gathered in the brush. The density of dry wood is up to 1190 kg / cu.m.


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