Alena Afanasieva «АS» cues - a choice of professionals!

Every billiards player should have his own cue, cover and chalk. Playing billiards for 11 years I had a lot of cues of different masters, trying to find the cue with optimal game properties, so to say - “would lie into hand”. Since 2006 I play with the cue from "AS" company and all the tournaments were won thanks to excellent cue from this company. Also want to mention their professional approach of making cues, choosing materials, and quality of all products, not only cues, but qualitative covers and accessories which can be called the best, because top players in the world can confirm this.

Since 2000 "AS"company started production of billiard cues. Today it is a recognized master with its own brand. At the time of company foundation no one could think that cues - masterpieces from "AS" company will be comparable to the cost of a billiard table, and customers will not only be willing to buy them, but also to collect. While the quality level of elite cues increased also the quality of low-cost cues grew up, which of cause affected the increase of mass players sports culture.

Today "AS" company offers the best handmade billiard cues for Russian pyramid. Depending on the wood and the complexity, "AS" produces a huge range of cues of different price categories. The technologies used will meet the most daring desires of players. Standard cue sizes: Length - 150 - 165 cm, weight - 600 - 800 gr. At the request of the client "AS" company can make the cue of a different size and mass, according to individual orders.

ОA separate area in the production is the "Elite" class.

In its production the latest technologies are combined with skilled handmade work at all stages of cue production.

"AS" company develops a new direction in its work - billiard accessories. It is already possible to order the cloth of Ivan Simonis, Milliken brands, "Aramith PREMIER" balls, Elk Master, Le Pro and Triangel stickers, inexpensive and exclusive covers for billiard cues made of genuine leather.